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Make Christmas Magic with HYPERVSN

04 January 2024 • 5 min read

The holiday season is here; a crisp winter chill is creeping in, the leaves have turned from green to burnt orange and the smell of mulled wine is in the air. Christmas spirit is a truly magical thing, and with our incredible holographic solutions, you can turn the excitement up from a mere 50% to a full on 100% with some imaginative creativity and a bit of technological know-how.

Online shopping is still a big deal, that’s not going to change any time soon, but foot traffic into retail stores has picked up significantly since the start of 2021, with Forbes reporting an increase of over 44% in the US market alone, and some other markets displaying even higher numbers! With brands putting more imagination into their communications, AV solutions and customer signage, this is a season where you will want to well and truly stand apart from your competition and get as much foot traffic, customer engagement and business leads as possible. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further. We’re going to show you how innovative our clients are and show you some of the best seasonal HYPERVSN deployments to get your creative juices flowing!

Outdoor Applications

Opportunities to shine, sparkle and bring the digital ‘magic’ outdoors don’t come any bigger than they do at Christmas time. With endless possibilities for your creativity to run wild, just imagine what you could do with our 3000nit display solutions and some beautiful holographic visuals!

Our Mexican partner, NOMO PRO, brought some cute and cuddly Christmas joy to the entrance of the world famous Liverpool Mall in Mexico City. Deploying 3 HYPERVSN Solo solutions, they created festive 3D visuals that entranced passersby and got the seasonal vibes going! HYPEVRSN Solo is an incredibly unique and versatile solution, allowing you to really think outside of the box and create some truly magical holographic visuals for your audiences.

Over in Dublin our partners, Campaign 3D and Dodeca, deployed a magnificent HYPERVSN SmartV Wall solution, bringing the festive cheer to the outdoor area of the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and wowing the crowds. Creating some truly wondrous holographics, the team set up an impressive 9-unit solution which, apart from its size, grabbed people’s attention, young and old alike, with their incredibly beautiful visuals.

Estonia, specifically the capital of Tallinn, decided to go one step further and get the big man himself, Santa Claus, involved with the holographics! Our partner, KNM Eesti worked in collaboration with the Tallinn Strategic Management Office, and in an effort to bring the festive magic to the heart of the Tallinn Christmas Market, they deployed an 8-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall with beautifully rendered and lifelike visuals of Santa Claus spreading his own jolly brand of seasonal spirit. And you don’t have to stick to Santa; why not get some of his loyal reindeers in 3D or even a snowman with his big smile and orange nose! The opportunities are endless!

Indoor Applications

Up close and personal can bring some of the most powerful experiences for your customers, and turning festive wonder into 3D digital joy inside your store could make just as big an impact on your customers and your brand appeal, than any outdoor setup!

Together Plus, our partner across the pond in France, collaborated with ORBIS Holographics to bring some festivity to the luxury shopping mecca that is Galeries Lafayette in the heart of Paris. This luxury department store has a reputation to uphold, and renowned as the largest luxury shopping destination in Europe, our partners had a real job of standing out in such an opulent environment. Together, they deployed a truly beautiful window display that brought emotion, wonder and festive cheer to passersby of all ages.

Public Spaces

The Christmas period is all about gathering together, so what better place to deploy a HYPERVSN solution than in your local public space! Whether it’s in the market square or in your local shopping centre, the festive season is the perfect chance to use your AV creativity to bring your audience together.

Our HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Human solution is truly something to behold, and a solution that our partner, MGFXSTUDIOS, used to full effect over the holiday period last year. Deploying the solution in the Genipa Shopping Center in Martinique, they created some seriously cute and fun Santa Claus holographics which delighted audiences right up til the New Year. 

Another great example of a crowd-pleaser would be the huge 35-unit HYPERVSN Wall deployment in Rotterdam Central Station. Showcasing beautifully crisp 3D visuals of Christmas trees and other festive favourites, this was a beautiful addition to the station’s public space and a massive boost to the festive spirit in the area! With a solution like SmartV Wall you can let your imagination run wild thanks to its scalability and magical appeal.

Holiday Events & Brand Activations

Your brand could use an innovation injection this holiday season, and with HYPERVSN there are a million ways for you to get the season started with a bang; from Walls of 3D wonder to more intimate experiences there are certainly ways for you to align your brand with some holographic AV creativity!

There isn’t much that gets festive spirit going more than some technological magic, and that’s something our Slovakian partner OPTIO knows how to do very well! Working with the country’s biggest banking body, Slovenská Sporiteľňa, they deployed a beautifully elegant holographic Christmas tree which delighted customers and rung in the seasonal cheer effortlessly.

In-Store Promotions

Creating larger-than-life deployments is something our HYPERVSN solutions can do very, very well, but we find great value in the smaller, more intimate experiences as well, with these proving to be just as, if not more powerful than our scalable setups.

The saying ‘go big or go home’ is an understatement with HYPERVSN solutions, but the beauty of our technology is that even on a smaller, more intimate scale, these deployments make a huge impact on both your customers and your business. Flexibility and scalability are a trademark of our tech, and instances such as creating point-of-sale (POS) creatives to position inside your store, be it Retail, Financial or even Hospitality, these can be incredibly effective and even more wondrous to see up close and personal.

P&G in Poland knows how to do this very effectively, deploying a HYPERVSN Solo, along with a clever Glass Box accessory to keep curious fingers safe, in-store to amp up the seasonal cheer and bring some futuristic magic to their retail floor. It may have been a small deployment but it was a successful one, just going to prove that bigger doesn’t always mean better!

Christmas is the perfect time to inject some seasonal magic into your brand activities – whether you’re opening up a new store, looking to increase your brand awareness or just add some festive wonder into your customer’s everyday interactions with you, HYPERVSN solutions are the perfect format to do this with. 

Scalable, innovative and offering you almost limitless possibilities, let you and your team’s creativity run wild this Christmas!


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