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The HYPERVSN mission & philosophy

We are technological innovators, continuously bringing new and impactful products to the global marketplace. Our focus remains on providing new and compelling products that push the boundaries of visual 3D holographic technology.

170+ Official Partners in over 80 countries
25% of “Fortune 500 companies” joined the HYPERVSN community
15+ Exclusive Distributors worldwide
Our philosophy
HYPERVSN is so much more than a piece of extraordinary hardware, it’s a fully integrated system of control, support & 3D creation – producing unparalleled digital excellence. HYPERVSN is all about emotion. People are mesmerized when they experience it. These deep visceral feelings are what we bring to the world.

Our core values



We innovate with every product we create.
Clients First

Customer experience

We provide rich & compelling customer experience.
Best Quality

Outstanding service

We provide best-in-class service to our clients.
Safety Compliance


Transparent relationships with Partners, clients & colleagues.
Proprietary Software

Ongoing development

We constantly release updates & new features.
High Standards

Manufacturing excellence

We utilize the highest quality components.

HYPERVSN founders

Kiryl Chykeyuk

Kiryl Chykeyuk

Founder at HYPERVSN
At HYPERVSN we strive to deliver extraordinary experiences through stunning and innovative visual technologies. In our lives everything we do is based on our visual perception. We make decisions based on how we see things. We live and experience life with our eyes. Despite the fact that we live in a truly 3D world, until now we have been viewing digital information and visuals in just 2D. At HYPERVSN we have created a fundamentally new system, a better system, to see 3D in-the-air visuals without the need for any wearable equipment. HYPERVSN technology is about emotion - people are mesmerised when they experience it. Generating human experiences and emotion has been, and will always be, at the core of our product design. We are fully committed to designing extraordinary products and we welcome you to join us.

Art Stavenka

Founder at HYPERVSN
HYPERVSN was born by minds that wanted to create something big. Some revolutionized online shopping, some – turned the traditional hotel industry upside down, and we wanted to change the way people see things. And in 2012, backing it up with a scientific and business research, and later on with support from Sir Richard Branson, we’ve started the company that brought a new holographic technology to the mass market. We came a long way of technology enhancement and research from an idea to the first integrated holographic system we offer now. Today it is safe to say HYPERVSN is the only product there offering users full control of creating, displaying and analysing 3D images perceived as holographic visuals. Along the way we’ve earned international appraisal and grown our partner network to cover above 60 countries worldwide. And we won’t stop there. Hypervsn is on track to change the way brands and businesses out there talk to customers once and forever.

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