3D Catalog:
the Evolution
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The 3D Catalog solution is HYPERVSN innovation at its finest.

The next step in visual retail marketing, watch as your audience physically engages with your branded holographics, moving and manipulating your virtual products like magic with advanced technology, right before their eyes.

Holograms alone are incredible at increasing your business stats, but make those holograms interactive and you’ll be amazed at your results! They’re emotional, mesmerizing and like nothing your audience has ever seen, making them incredibly powerful marketing tools.


increase in revenue

thru the increase in sales of high margin products and upsells

increase in footfalls

due to the wow factor engaging and emotionally motivating audiences

of audience

showed happiness while interacting with HYPERVSN

The Ultimate 3D Holographic Experience

The HYPERVSN 3D Catalog is a complete, interactive technology solution, giving your audience the ability to virtually manipulate holographic images of your products with their hands! The incredible levels of engagement and brand interactivity that this tech brings to your business is like nothing you’ve ever worked with before, allowing you to improvements across:

HYPERVSN 3D Catalog Components

To utilise the 3D Catalog, you will need the following HYPERVSN products:

HYPERVSN Solo / Wall

Display 3D holographic content in high definition. / Display Solution for multiple Solo devices.

Leap Motion Controller

Hand tracking controller, allowing your 3D images to become interactive.

3D Catalog Service

Binds HYPERVSN and Leap Motion technologies together to provide user control.
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