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Captivate Audiences with HYPERVSN’s phygital technology

Transform any venue into a mesmerizing spectacle with our attention-grabbing holographic displays.

Captivating product presentations

Interactive storytelling

Brand messaging in a unique way


What value will HYPERVSN bring to you?

Stand out from the competition and create a buzz that will have people talking long after the event ends. Ready to bring your vision to life? Reach out to us and request an estimate for your project.

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Turnkey Solution

We handle everything from A to Z, creating a seamless phygital holographic experience for your event.

Experienced and Reliable

With XXXX completed projects, we specialize in delivering complete holographic experiences for events like trade shows, conferences etc.

Leave it all to us

Our services encompass the entire process, including delivery, setup, installation, and the production of custom content.

WOW Effect

With HYPERVSN, you can truly wow your clients and event participants, leaving them with  unforgettable memories from your event.

business value

The event industry will never look the same


Boost Foot Traffic

Increase footfall by 30% with a mesmerizing trade show 3D sign at your event.


Get the viral effect

Get 50% higher change of your holographic signage being seen at the event.


Sky-rocket Engagement

Boost your audience activation up to 88% with holographic images at your event.

Retail showreel

We make event spaces immersive


Join our customers who are in love with HYPERVSN

HYPERVSN Slots activation was a huge HIT! We are delighted that we chose to introduce this interactive solution at TwitchCon. We featured two activations to engage with the visitors – HYPERVSN Slots and another one. The Slots generated 90% of the leads captured by Shure.

Morgane Devos 

Marketing Director,

Shure Incorporated

“HYPERVSN were an absolute eye-catcher and crowd-puller that helped advance customer engagement and brand awareness for Coca-Cola. We were happy with the result of the Slots campaign that another Christmas one is already under way – stay tuned to learn more!”

Nicolas Schibler

Managing Partner,

Trade Marketing Intelligence

“We set up the 3D Studio demo, placing an internet-ready laptop out for users that had the CMS Platform open. The clients would send us their logos on the spot, and we in turn would convert them into 3D visuals and showcase them on the live demo device to engage them in interaction.”

Ghizlane Bouzidoune

Managing Director,

Gizmo Global

“We showcased HYPERVSN on our 2019 CineEurope tradeshow stand, the 3D holographic technology spoke for itself. We weren’t the only ones who were blown away by the amazing visuals, crowds quickly gathered for a closer look at the apparent floating images for themselves.”

Oliver Delaney

European Cinema Channel Director,

The Coca-Cola Company

“We used HYPERVSN at Dell Technologies Forum in Dubai. It showed Dell logo and solutions in such a live 3D way that really captured the eye and drew visitors’ attention. The colors are amazing, it looks very real and futuristic – we will have something with HYPERVSN further on.”

Rania Hannoush

UAE Marketing Manager,

Dell Technologies

“Partnering with HYPERVSN, Walmart truly brought the WOW factor to the 2019 Grace Hopper conference. Our amazing booth – fitted with next generation holographic signage and animation, quickly became one of the main attractions. HYPERVSN is incredibly bold, bright and beautiful.”

Jon Downey

Director, International Innovations,


“A big thank you to the entire HYPERVSN team. Your technology was fantastic and enhanced the experience of AV Awards 2019. Whether you’re looking to display 3D content on a single device, a multi-unit Wall, or both like we did – HYPERVSN is a great holographic solution for you.”

Rachael Hamilton

Brand Director,

AV Magazine

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