HYPERVSN Holographic displays.

Content appears to float in mid-air.

hypervsn display

Leaders in holographic displays

  • Display technology

    This display uses a rotating ray which the eye can’t see to create visuals floating in the air.

  • Image resolution

    The display produces the highest resolution 3D holographic content available today.

  • Ultra-fine pixel pitch

    Fine to ultra-fine pixel pitch of less than 0.65mm for extremely detailed 3D Content

  • Display brightness

    Brilliant vibrant image with up to 3000 Nits Brightness for outdoor use.

  • 16 Million colours

    Clearly visible in all conditions with over 16 million colours of high brightness.

  • Scalable for any project

    Multiple displays can be synchronised to make one large display of virtually any size.

SmartV Box

Behind the 3D display

Holographic Display works seamlessly with HYPERVSN SmartV Box.

Controls the display

Produces the visual you see

Integrates with connectors

Can be installed at a distance

Scalable & configurable

Solutions tailored to

Multiple displays can be combined to make one larger display of almost any size.


Premium Quality. Manufactured in Europe.

We utilize only the finest quality components in our product assembly, which exclusively takes place in Ireland, through our Partner Flex

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Technological Innovation

HYPERVSN are the pioneers of holographic displays and lead the way in innovation.

EU Quality

HYPERVSN displays are proudly manufacted in the EU meeting all the top industry standards.

Manufactuer Warranty

Displays come with a standard 24 month warranty and up to 5 years additional paid warranty.

High Quality Materials

Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, from coating to the best LEDs.

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