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SmartV Digital Avatar

Transform customer experience with Digital Avatar and ChatGPT’s Cutting-Edge Integration

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SmartV Digital Avatar

Our latest visual solution, that allows you to build lasting relationships with your customers through the power of interactivity and ChatGPT integration

Create an impactful 2-way interaction

People want to connect with People not devices, and a human interface builds engagement & leads fast.

Use your chat-bots more effectively

Reduce expensive operational and staff costs using our AI- capable SmartV Digital Avatar.

Add the “human touch” engagement

Strengthen your digital marketing on your audience in a uniquely human & interactive way.


Introducing Holographic Avatar

Make your marketing go viral, by providing emotionally resonant and human-like experiences for your customers.

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SmartV Digital Avatar in

Retail, Banking, Automotive, Events


Interactive SmartV Digital Avatar solution

Upgrade the way you interact with your customers to build powerful & lasting loyalty with fully customisable & interactive content, and beautiful 3D visuals.

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Real-time speech

Virtual avatar recognizes basic language and is able to interact with customers in different languages.

2-way interactions

Inform your customers about available services and products in an entertaining way.

Devices connectivity

SmartV Digital Avatar solution can be managed via iOS, Android, PC, and Mac through apps via Wi-Fi.

Available 24/7

Entertain your clients and answer their questions day & night without hiring and training personnel.

Business Values

SmartV Digital Avatar drives the numbers

Showcase your brand’s creativity & innovation with cutting-edge technology.

Extends attention spans & attraction rates

Improves user engagement levels

Increases conversion & retention rates

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