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Delve into the world of immersive experiences that transcend the digital and physical realms.

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Explore the art of designing immersive experiences and crafting high-performance marketing teams.

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Tony Madden

Strategic force behind The Phygital Lab

Tony, strategic lead at The Phygital Lab, guides brands through modern consumer expectations, advocating for purposeful technology and transforming challenges into opportunities. As host of The Phygital Lab Podcast, he empowers collective innovation, creating a space for shared learning and co-creation in the future of immersive brand experiences.


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    The Phygital Lab l Episode 1 l Reimagining Retail

    Episode 1

    Reimagining Retail

    Join Tony Madden, MD of The Phygital Lab, as he dives into the world of transformed phygital spaces, meets the visionaries who create them, and discusses the experiences that define them. In the first episode, Tony hears from the SVP of Global Visual Experience at internationally renowned brand, Coach, Giovanni Zachariello, and discusses his innovative approach to customer engagement and experiential design in the Retail space.

    The Phygital Lab l Episode 2 l Thinking Differently to Meet Rising Expectations

    Episode 2

    Thinking Differently to Meet Rising Expectations

    Featuring the expertise of Tim Nash, a leading Retail Influencer and curator behind the Shop Drop Daily website, join him and our Tony Madden as they discuss how to balance Innovation & Tradition in Retail Design, and get real insights and inspiration to take your retail design concepts to new heights.

    The Phygital Lab. Episode 3. Behavioural Blueprints

    Episode 3

    Behavioural Blueprints

    In this episode of The Phygital Lab podcast, ‘Behavioural Blueprints’, host Tony Madden and Ian Scott, co-founder of the Rema Report and Retail Strategist extraordinaire, discuss the evolution of retail design and the psychology behind the strategy, looking at how things have changed since the Pandemic, (if indeed they have at all), and the ever growing importance of understanding the motivations behind your customers.

    The Phygital Lab. Episode 4. Enchanting Realities

    Episode 4

    Enchanting Realities

    In this episode, our Tony Madden talks with Grant Dudson, a leading expert in experiential design. They explore Grant’s journey and how AI has revolutionised his creative process. Grant shares his approach to merging digital and physical elements to create immersive consumer experiences, highlighting the significance of emotional connections and empathy in design.

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