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Connect to your audience with futuristic human-sized holographic display

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solution overview

SmartV Holographic Human

Use a life-size 3D human holographic display to demonstrate products, provide information, showcase the latest trends.

3D Holographic System

A human-sized 3D holographic display made up of 3 synchronised displays, in a vertical configuration.

3D Content Service

Create 3D content, with the support of HYPERVSN, of your brand ambassador, employee or founder.

All-in-one installation

Can be installed in a variety of ways including on Alignment Mounts or with the Glass Box L3 protection.

Futuristic. Powerful.

Introducing Holographic Human

Use 3D holographic human technology to innovate your communication.


All-in-one 3D Holographic Human solution

A next-level 3D holographic solution with unmatched features including high definition, brightness, interactivity and compatibility.

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Boost human connection

Connect with your audience on a more personal level using your brand ambassador or employee.

Revolutionize your display

Use Holographic Humans to breathe innovation into your brand or business.

Grab attention

Increase the impact of your marketing message with a solution that cannot be missed.

Personify your brand

Personify your brand and tell your brand story with HYPERVSN Holographic Human.

Business values

Use Holographic Human to get top results

Holographic displays increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Extends attention spans & attraction rates

Improves user engagement levels

Increases conversion & retention rates

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