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Connect with your audience with the human-size 3D display solution

Use the HYPERVSN holographic Human to connect with your audience on a more personal level, increasing the impact of your marketing message.

Holographic Human for your brand

Use a life-size 3D human holographic display to demonstrate products, provide information or showcase the latest trends.

Increase human connection

Increase message retention

Connect with your audience

Personify your brand

Revolutionize your display

Ignite your brand story

Create connections with Holographic Human

For any business or brand who wants to connect with their audience on a more personal level, HYPERVSN Holographic Human is an innovative solution to display 3D life-size human holographic visuals. Now you can implement a solution which is proven to increase engagement, build your brand and strengthen message retention.

Holographic Human Components

HYPERVSN Holographic Human is made up of the following components:


3 HYPERVSN Solo L devices are required with the Wall Builder subscription and MasterBox.

3D Content service

Additional support from the Technical Support team to help you prepare the 3D content.

Installation configurations

Can be installed in a variety of ways including on Alignment Mounts or with the Glass Box L3.

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