01. holographic display

Revolutionary Display

The four-ray LED-based display rotates faster than the eye can see, leaving only the stunning 3D holographic content floating in midair.

Ultra-fine Pixel Pitch

Wide, accurate colour spectrum

Even Larger-scale modular design

02. software

Integrated Services

Create. Manage. Amaze with comprehensive HYPERVSN services.

3D Content Creation services

Content upload and management

Automated updates and security

Monitor Displays and Reports

03. holographic content

Content Creation

Our content is available to purchase, produce yourself or pick for free, depending on your personal preference.

Use online content creation tool

Order cusrom 3D content

Browse rich 3D content library

Learn more

Scalable & configurable

Solutions tailored to


Trusted & highly secure system

Security is built into the fabric of our platform, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded.

Secure Connection

Secure connection of display & platform prevents unauthorized content replacement.

Preliminary examination

All content is cross-checked and certified before it can be displayed on a HYPERVSN unit.

HYPERVSN Software Suite

Uploading content via HYPERVSN’s Software Suite, you eliminate all suspicious sources.

Malware Protection

Malware cannot access display as it only accepts signals from HYPERVSN’s Software Suite.


Premium Quality. Manufactured in Europe.

We utilize only the finest quality components in our product assembly, which exclusively takes place in Ireland, through our Partner Flex

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24/7 Technical Support
Service centers in EU and USA

Customer Excellence Team for Partners

Global network of 270+ Partners

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