Protect your Staff and Patients in Style LED and Holographic Displays for Hospitals and Healthcare

Innovate your Medical Practice with 3D Visuals

In this post-COVID era we are taking no risks with your patient’s safety, and have developed smart digital signage solutions to help keep your patients safe and informed with the latest W.H.O safety information, and your staff protected from unnecessary public interactions. HYPERVSN’s new method of innovative visual communications has already proven itself to be a highly efficient medium:

Increases audience views by 50%

Doubles the dwell time

Evokes positive audience reactions

Creates intense emotional engagement

Motivates viewers to own the product

Improves the message perception

Holographic 3D Solutions to Innovate the ‘New Normal’

Our high-definition, 3D hospital signs are designed to target and improve the relationship between health practitioners and their patients, keeping everyone involved safe, entertained and amazed by our technology.

Ease the pressure on your Staff

Use our Holographic Doctor to inform your patients, outline COVID safety measures, provide directions or promote your services. A very helpful and engaging solution.

Focus on Important Information

Present important information in an unmissable way to your patients, highlighting COVID precautions and other priority messaging.

Reduce the Perceived Waiting Time

By displaying engaging and fun 3D animations, you can reduce perceived waiting times in your lounges, and even have a positive effect on lowering anxiety levels.

Promote your Medical Services

Spotlight key medical services, or new events and health tips with 3D visuals, enhancing your practice’s reputation and brand.

The Total Solution

HYPERVSN is so much more than a holographic device, it's a complete system that includes hardware, management software and 3D content creation tools.

HYPERVSN Holographic Display

Holographic Content Management

Holographic Display Management

See how HYPERVSN can work for you


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