Hit the holographic jackpot with HYPERVSN Slots

Taking gamification to new dimensions with 3D holography

The perfect Interactive solution for any business to promote their brand or product, by directly engaging their audience with their offering in a unique gaming experience.

Win BIG with HYPERVSN Slots:

  • Invite your audience to try their luck to win by spinning the 3D slot machine
  • Build excitement as crowds gather to play the first holographic slot machine
  • Create maximum excitement and engagement with your brand
  • Pre-program the number of wins at your event to help with logistic
  • Customize the slot machine content with your logo or product in 3D
Onsite Support
Ignite emotional response
Maximize audience attention
Increase brand advocacy
All-in-one solution

HYPERVSN Slots in action

At CES 2019 we had over 50 people queuing up at any given time to play HYPERVSN Slots.

How does HYPERVSN work?

How does the HYPERVSN device work?
Each device has four LED-based rays that spin at 30 frames per second to produce a 3D holographic visual that appears to be floating in mid-air.
3D Visuals
How is the holographic content created?
Our in-house Design Lab creates customized 3D content for your event, which due to the unique design of HYPERVSN, is seen in HD-quality during the day and in the dark.

Rent HYPERVSN Slots for your event

All-inclusive solution creating a strong emotional connection between brands and customers, as a result of the intrinsic excitement they feel when playing the game of chance.

Own your own holographic slot machine

HYPERVSN Slots now available to purchase as an all-in-one-solution.

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