SmartV Solo

The holographic display solution of the future is here.

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How it works

3D Holographic System

New innovative holographic display easily managed by the integrated Content Management System.

Captivating display

A four-ray rotor display shows 3D content floating in midair.

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Сontent management

Create & manage content with ease with a range of free included tools.

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Lightweight and portable

All-in-one sleek solution with a wide range of installation accessories.

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Unparalleled features

Introducing SmartV Solo

Reshape the AV industry with next-level 3D holographic SmartV Solo solution


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Unparalleled features of HYPERVSN SmartV Solo

A next-level 3D holographic solution with unmatched features including high definition, brightness, interactivity and compatibility.

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HD Holographic visuals

See both 2D and 3D content in immaculate detail with Fine to Ultra-fine Pixel Pitch.

Eye-catching display

Wide colour spectrum and up to 3000 Nits in Brightness fit for outdoor display applications.

Interactive Capabilities

3D content can be rendered in real-time and respond back to the audience in real-time.

HDMI and live stream

Connect with products in the Pro-AV and Digital Signage markets with the on-board HDMI connection.

Business Values

Proven results with HYPERVSN SmartV Solo

Boost sales, increase engagement and drive success with holographic digital signage.

Extends attention spans & attraction rates

Improves user engagement levels

Increases conversion & retention rates

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