HYPERVSN Ceiling Mount

HYPERVSN Ceiling Mount is designed for users who are seeking to maximize the visibility of a single Solo device. This aerial installation brings a whole new meaning to the sky’s the limit, with 3D holographic visuals that appear to be floating above your head.

  • Increases device impact over distance.
  • Adjustable height & angle of device.
  • No assembly or specific skills required.

Mount Solo devices to the ceiling

Redefine traditional display areas using HYPERVSN Ceiling Mount, the installation mount for maximum visibility. Place single devices in busy areas, where good visibility from a far distance is needed over an extended period of time. Add flexibility to aerial installations with an adjustable arm length and angle of inclination (0°-90°). For ceiling mounting, four anchors and an electric drill are required, devices are fastened to bracket plates with four screws and then connected to electricity mains.

  • Device compatibility: Solo M & Solo L
  • Weight: 5kg (w/o device)
  • Length: 65cm-115cm (w/o devices)
  • Material: Black Steel
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