Revolutionise your store with holographic kiosks

Entertain & inform customers with mind blowing product visuals

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Prestop x HYPERVSN

Holographic Kiosks

An innovative collaboration delivering top-tier, high-tech POS kiosks, for the ultimate retail experience

Enhance Engagement

Using holographic product visuals, customers can discover key insights about their chosen items.

Increase Conversions

Increase purchasing motivation with beautifully rendered product holographics.

21st Century Service

WIth key insights and detailed visuals, these kiosks skyrocket your customer service.

Holographic Kiosk

Deliver the WOW factor

Bring insight & excitement to your customer’s purchasing journey with futuristic holographic kiosks


POS holographic kiosk solution

 An all-in-one setup featuring touchscreen displays, hi-def holographics and RFID technology, this kiosk solution gives your customers the interactivity they’re looking for in their purchasing experience.

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Increased Engagement

Using HYPERVSN Solo devices, create detailed holography to spark their curiosity.

Enhanced Visuals

Using RFID technology, select your desired product to trigger key visuals and insights.

Improve Retention

Combined innovative visuals and tactile touchscreen increases insight retention and buying motivation.

Stellar Service

Enhance your customer service with a 21st century POS setup that brings edutainment to the forefront.

Business Values

Prestop x HYPERVSN Holographic Kiosks

Skyrocket your engagement with holography.

Increases attention and attracts crowds

Improves customer engagement

Increases conversion & retention rates

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