The HYPERVSN Dome M is designed for static mounting as a protective barrier for Solo M (56cm devices). This optional Solo accessory safeguards devices without compromising on their revolutionary holographic effect.

  • Scratch & damage resistant.
  • Crystal-clear viewing clarity.
  • Can be fixed on a wall on used with HYPERVSN Tripod.

The HYPERVSN device is a cutting-edge visual solution that produces high-resolution 3D visuals, perceived as holograms floating in mid-air. However, due to the unique design of the display, safety barriers are required when the device is in operation. The HYPERVSN Dome M gives audience’s a chance to experience the awe-inspiring holographic effect of HYPERVSN up-close, without the need for additional safety precautions, protecting the device from any possible mechanical damage or interruptions during operation.

  • Device compatibility: Solo M;
  • Accessory compatibility: HYPERVSN Tripod;
  • Weight w/o device: 3,3 kg - only dome, 2,8 kg - the base. Total 6 kg;
  • Diameter: 79 cm;
  • Accessory thickness: 38 cm;
  • Plastic thickness: 3 mm;
  • Material: Acrylic glass.
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