HYPERVSN SmartV Glass Box

Robust and elegant, the protective HYPERVSN SmartV Glass Box is minimal in design with antiglare front glass, transparent side walls, and dark top and bottom surfaces.

Key features

  • Antiglare front glass with minimal image distortion;
  • Increased brightness and scratch resistance;
  • Portable, lightweight and provides protection;
  • Perfect for retail, bars and receptions.

Estimated delivery time is 8 weeks.

Enhances 3D visual effects

The background of HYPERVSN SmartV Glass Box enhances the 3D visual effects, while the antiglare front glass allows for minimal image distortion. This makes it the ideal installation display for shop-front tables, bar counters and any other flat horizontal surfaces.


HYPERVSN SmartV Glass Box M

  • Compatibility: HYPERVSN SmartV Solo M;
  • Weight: 24 kg / 52.9 lbs (w/o display);
  • Dimensions: 66.5 cm × 66.5 cm × 30 cm / 26.2” × 26.2” × 11.8”.

HYPERVSN SmartV Glass Box L

  • Compatibility: HYPERVSN SmartV Solo L;
  • Weight: 35 kg / 77.2 lbs (w/o display);
  • Dimensions: 91.8 cm × 86.1 cm × 30.7 cm / 36.1” × 33.9” × 12.1”.

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