HYPERVSN SmartV Frame Extender

HYPERVSN SmartV Frame Extender is the installation accessory that is modular in design, allowing for Walls of any size and configuration to be easily created.

Key features

  • Extends the HYPERVSN SmartV Wall M/L to any size;
  • Modular in design allowing for scalability;
  • Install, scale, and maintain with ease;
  • Vertical and horizontal installation.

Estimated delivery time is 8 weeks.

Add extra displays easily

One HYPERVSN SmartV Frame Extender allows for 3 additional HYPERVSN SmartV displays M/Ls be added to standard HYPERVSN SmartV Frame which holds 6 displays. These can be used in a vertical or horizontal configuration and provide the perfect spacing and alignment for the additional displays


  • Compatibility: HYPERVSN SmartV Wall M/L;
  • Accessory compatibility: HYPERVSN SmartV Frame and HYPERVSN SmartV Plex Guard (9/12).

HYPERVSN SmartV Frame Extender M

  • Weight: 11 kg / 25 lbs (w/o displays);
  • Dimensions: 92 cm × 48 cm × 12 cm / 36.2” × 18.9” × 4.7”.

HYPERVSN SmartV Frame Extender L

  • Weight: 14 kg / 30.8 lbs (w/o displays);
  • Dimensions: 118 cm × 60 cm × 18 cm / 46.5” × 23.6” × 7.1”.

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