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Q: Will the Wall stop if one of the device rays encounter people or objects during rotation?
Yes, the newly introduced Emergency Stop feature will help prevent or minimize any harm to viewers and physical damage to HYPERVSN Wall devices, caused by device rays that have come into contact with people or objects during rotation.
Q: There is no syncronization between the devices in the setup.
Turn on the Hotspot switch of the MasterBox.

Connect your computer via Wi-Fi to the following network: H-WYYYYY, where YYYYY is a serial number of your Masterbox, that is located on the MasterBox label.Access the Web Manager at IP address and navigate to Devices - Controls tab.

You'll see information about the Wall Devices’ components statuses, including licensing information, activation data and error codes in case of any issues.

Please note, that only the devices present in Wall Layout will be recognized by MasterBox and receive the synchronization data. Use Wall App to modify Wall Layout according to your current setup.

If the issue persists, contact our Support Team at [email protected] for further instructions, noting the serial numbers of the device’s rotors and any errors displayed on the Controls tab.
Q: Some parts of the image are misaligned/skewed.
Access the Devices tab in the WallApp, and switch on the calibration screen on all HYPERVSN units.

Manually adjust the angle of each unit so that vertical and horizontal lines are perfectly aligned with the neighboring devices.

Q: Does the Wall need to be online during operation?
A: Devices need Internet connection for the initial activation, Wall setup and license management. After that, the Wall can operate offline.
Q: Is it possible to activate the MasterBox using a Wi-Fi connection?
Ethernet LAN Internet connection is required for the MasterBox activation.
Q: HYPERVSN devices fail to activate using "Activate all" option on MasterBox.
Ensure that the MasterBox is within the effective range of HYPERVSN Wi-Fi coverage (up to 3 meters in front of the devices). MasterBox must have an active Ethernet LAN internet connection for the activation to take place.

With large scale Wall installations (28 devices and more), due to network congestion and WiFi interference it might be impossible to activate all devices at once. Perform the procedure several times on smaller groups of devices, switching the rest of the devices off.
Q: Do I need to assign licenses after activating devices with MasterBox?
Yes. HYPERVSN units in your Cloud platform account should be assigned with Wall-enabled licenses. Access My devices tab and press Activate license button near the serial number of the device you want to assign the license to.

Choose the Wall license from the drop-down list:

The devices themselves need to be online to receive licensing data from the platform.
Q: The devices start playback out of sync but synchronize with time.
Ensure that the device's mode is set to Player. Access the Devices tab in WallApp and use the Device mode option to set the correct mode.

Q: Is it possible to output audio through MasterBox?
MasterBox provides a 3.5mm jack and S/PDIF audio output.

If your content has an audio track it will get uploaded to the MasterBox internal memory during playlist creation, and will play in sync with the visuals.

Note that the IR receiver uses 3.5mm jack connector as well. Ensure that your audio equipment is plugged into the correct socket.
Q: What is the maximum number of devices I can use in a Wall? How big can I go?
We can guarantee stable synchronization of 50 HYPERVSN devices with one MasterBox.

If you want to go bigger than that - you'll need to use additional MasterBox and an NTP capable router to interlink them. Please refer to MasterBox manual for more information.
Q: Is it possible to switch HYPERVSN Devices On and Off remotely?
HYPERVSN Devices can be switched On and Off remotely when they are connected to the MasterBox.
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