HYPERVSN Wall Classic

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You only get one chance to leave an impression, make sure it’s a large one with HYPERVSN Wall. 3D Holographic visuals as big as your brand.

Package components:

  • HYPERVSN Solo: 6/9/12/15/24 or custom unit configurations of HYPERVSN Solo merged to form HYPERVSN Wall (visual displays ranging from 57”-130”).
  • HYPERVSN MasterBox: additional HYPERVSN hardware for improving image synchronization across devices & providing an opportunity for audio facilities.
  • Wall Builder: allows for the activation of HYPERVSN Solo devices into a HYPERVSN Wall.
  • HYPERVSN Wall Application: designed to control HYPERVSN Walls & manage their media content displayed.
  • RJ wires: network wiring used in HYPERVSN Wall installations to perfect device synchronization & connect audio output to the MasterBox.
  • Long & Short Wall Alignment Mounts: for flawless device installations.

HYPERVSN Wall Classic also comes complete with a 12-month warranty, detailed user guidance PDFs, video tutorials & 24/7 online support from our highly trained HYPERVSN Team.

Are you ready to connect using Wall Classic?

Emotions speak louder than words & HYPERVSN Wall speaks directly to audiences, creating strong emotional connections between brands and consumers with large-scale 3D holographic visuals.

Wall Classic is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready for the wonder of the Wall to take your brand communication & digital displays to the next level.
  • You are a disruptive Event Agency, Marketing Company or team of AV Professionals looking to stand out in the marketplace.
  • You are an Advertising Organization currently renting traditional digital signage solutions or using standard monetized ad models.
Superior 3D visuals
Premium 3D visuals
Cutting-edge holographic visuals of virtually any size
Sound Support
Audio output
Large-scale holographic visuals with sound
Safety compliance<
Safety compliance
Global safety requirements & regulations
Brand-new features
Brand-new features
Interactivity with SDK (Software Developer Kit)

HYPERVSN Wall Classic

When it comes to technology size matters. Create immersive Walls of Wonder with the exclusive HYPERVSN Wall Classic package that:

  • Extends attention spans & attraction rates
  • Generates major consumer foot traffic
  • Improves user engagement levels
  • Stimulates word-of-mouth promotion
  • Boosts lead generation significantly
  • Increases conversion & retention rates
6 Units
9 Units
28 Units
image size up to
Net weight
Noise output
online support
image size up to
Net weight
Noise output
online support
image size up to
Net weight
Noise output
online support
image size up to
Net weight
Noise output
online support

HYPERVSN 3D Studio: non-stop investment value

Our new customers get access to 100 custom 3D visual models, so that even your most complex & original of ideas can be instantly brought to life.

3D logo
Customizable 3D logos
Upload your logo and convert it into a hypnotic 3D visual
Animated 3D Text
Mesmerizing 3D texts
Large-scale animated text messages attract visitors from every corner of your venue
2D-3D Assets
2D to 3D Assets
Apply 3D effects to any image/video uploaded from your desktop

Wall Classic Package

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  • HYPERVSN Walls are professional business products most suitable for extraordinary marketing/branding results. The installation and maintenance of the Walls are always provided by our local Partners.
  • You can also find answers to your questions from the HYPERVSN Wall user guide and Wall App manual.
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