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The Solo Cloud package was created for customers building a network of HYPERVSN Devices to take their branding solutions to the next level. With Solo Cloud you can remotely log into your HYPERVSN account on our web-based content management platform, upload your 3D content & manage all of the devices in your HYPERVSN network from anywhere in the world.

  • HYPERVSN Solo Device (56 or 75 cm)
  • Free options of HYPERVSN 3D Studio - an online tool for 3D visual creation
  • 12-Month access to HYPERVSN Cloud CMS.
  • Solo Mobile App for smart Device & content management
  • Detailed user manuals on Device operation & management
  • 24/7 Technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team
  • 12-Month warranty for guaranteed digital excellence

Notice: We start shipping Solo Device 75cm in February 2019

New users: $10,000 worth of custom 3D content at the click of a button.

HYPERVSN introduces a new era of advertising & brand communication, totally reshaping digital signage & out-of-home marketing. If you want the world to see your brand solutions as a front-runner for innovation, the time is now to start your HYPERVSN network.

Step up with our setup today

HYPERVSN Solo Cloud is designed for medium/large companies with multiple sites for business - including stores, outlets, shops or branches. The Solo Cloud package enables you to remotely create, display & manage 3D holographic content across different locations by forming sophisticated advertising networks for universal communication.

Choose Solo Cloud if:

  • You need to control & manage multiple HYPERVSN Devices.
  • You require advanced media planning options, divided over different locations.
  • You would like to give multiple HYPERVSN users access to the online Cloud platform.
  • You have already tested HYPERVSN & would now like to upgrade & upscale.
Best holographic visuals
Best holographic visuals
Choose between the 56cm & 75cm Device sizes
Secure & reliable
Secure and reliable
Secure connection of the Device & platform
Scalable networks of devices
Scalable networks of Devices
Build and extend your network of HYPERVSN Devices
Remote control & management
Remote control & management
Remotely control & manage your Device networks

Save smart with HYPERVSN

Cut content costs, not quality with Solo Cloud

New customers receive a content bonus of 100 different visuals of custom 3D content, all created with
HYPERVSN 3D Studio in the following categories:

3D logo
Custom animated 3D logos
Upload your logo & apply a 3D effect of your choice.
Animated 3D Text
Animated 3D text promotion
Example; “Experience more for 20% less.”
2D-3D Assets
2D-3D Assets
Upload 2D images/videos from your desktop & animate into 3D.

Solo Cloud package details

After-sales services

Detailed Guide
Getting Started Guide
As soon as you complete the purchase, we’ll send you a detailed guide telling you how to begin working with the Device & provided software.
You can download HYPERVSN Solo Application by Kino-mo Ltd. from App Store or Google Play Market. Also, benefit from our HYPERVSN Solo App user guide at your disposal..

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