New users: $10,000 worth of custom 3D content at the click of a button.

The Solo Cloud package was created for customers building a network of HYPERVSN devices to take their branding solutions to the next level. With Solo Cloud you can remotely log into your HYPERVSN account on our web-based content management platform, upload your 3D content and manage all of the devices in your HYPERVSN network from anywhere in the world.

  • HYPERVSN Solo device
  • HYPERVSN 3D Studio – free 3D visual creation.
  • Solo Mobile App for smart device & content management.
  • Detailed user manuals on device operation & management
  • 24/7 Technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team
  • 12-Month warranty for guaranteed digital excellence

Redefine the way the world sees your brand with Solo Cloud

HYPERVSN introduces a new era of advertising and brand communication, totally reshaping digital signage and out-of-home marketing. If you want the world to see your brand solutions as a front-runner for innovation, the time is now to start your HYPERVSN network.

  • Premium Network Solution
  • Remote Multi-device Control
  • Advanced Scalability Features

Are you ready to Step up with our setup today?

HYPERVSN Solo Cloud is designed for medium/large companies with multiple sites for business - including stores, outlets, shops or branches. The Solo Cloud package enables you to remotely create, display and manage 3D holographic content across different locations by forming sophisticated advertising networks for universal communication. Choose Solo Cloud if:

  • You need to control and manage multiple HYPERVSN devices.
  • You require advanced media planning options, divided over different locations.
  • You would like to give multiple HYPERVSN users access to the online Cloud platform.
  • You have already tested HYPERVSN & would now like to upgrade & upscale.

Save smart with HYPERVSN and earn even more

When investing in a HYPERVSN device you receive access to high-quality 3D content and enriched management options. HYPERVSN’s ultimate business goal is to improve your risk- reward ratio by increasing your return on investment, guaranteeing control and scalability and decreasing any technical risks that you may face.

Risk area
Content production
Risk area

Devices purchased without content creation options require significant additional costs to be paid to third-party design agencies for suitable 3D animations.

Result: Extra project expenses ranging $600-5000 per visual.


3D Animations created with our HYPERVSN 3D Studio allow for precise quality control and unlimited customized content.

Result: The price of your HYPERVSN project remains unchanged, making your business results controlled and predictable.

Managerial costs
Risk area

The inability to remotely control all of the devices in your advertising network, results in further logistics costs and prevents device synchronization.

Result:Your project fees are considerably increased.


Remote control and management software exclusive for HYPERVSN devices, enables scheduling and management of content in real time and responds quickly to any changes.

Result: The total cost of your HYPERVSN project stays the same and your brand is still able to maintain a competitive edge.

Scalability risks
Risk area

Manual control, lack of security, and poor performance significantly restrain your ability to add new devices to the network and strengthen your brand.

Result: Your brand stays unflexible to the environment changes and, as a result, loses market positions.


The HYPERVSN solution is extremely scalable. You can easily add devices to new or existing locations or even create 3D walls with dozens of them.

Result: You get a guaranteed WOW effect and ability to expand your HYPERVSN networks according to particular business needs.

Solo Cloud Package Components


A four-ray LED-based rotor that can project 3D content at up to 30 frames per second, is all that stands between you and creating high-quality digital visuals that seem to be floating in mid-air. The HYPERVSN device paves the way for tomorrow’s technology, one holographic display at a time. Join the revolution.

  • Generates high-definition 3D visuals & videos.
  • Supports 16M+ colors for digital excellence.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable size (2.8kg).
  • Simple device installation & dismantling.
  • Safe & secure for audience members.
  • Below European standards for office noise.
  • Made in Ireland.

Cloud CMS Access

HYPERVSN Cloud’s content management platform allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of features and functionality that makes HYPERVSN a revolutionary business communication tool in today’s cluttered branding environment.

  • Remotely manages multiple HYPERVSN devices.
  • Maps the entire network of your synchronized devices.
  • Allows for device availability & activity statuses to be monitored.
  • Schedules multi-layered advertising campaigns.
  • Turns your HYPERVSN devices on/off according to your schedule.
  • Tags & groups devices by certain attributes: example; locations.
  • Grants different access levels & generates different user roles.
  • Allows you to mount HYPERVSN Walls.

Solo mobile app

The Solo Mobile App is a fundamental part of HYPERVSN’s integrated 3D holographic display system. You can find this original piece of HYPERVSN software on the App Store or Google Play Market, where you will be able to locally manage your HYPERVSN devices and the content that they display once downloaded.

  • Downloads content from Cloud platform & uploads it to your HYPERVSN device.
  • Allows you to create future playlists to be downloaded at a later stage by the device.
  • Provides broad playlist upload & management options.
  • Setup, calibrate & configure your device.


This bespoke brand content tool has dual feature functionality for HYPERVSN users. Firstly, 3D Studio allows for the creation of extraordinary 3D content without having a 3D design background. Secondly, it dramatically reduces the cost of ownership for HYPERVSN users.

  • Provides a range of free digital features & 3D content.
  • Allows you to upload a range of custom 2D & 3D models.
  • Converts 2D images into high-quality 3D visuals: logos, slogans, taglines.
  • Contains editable 3D template for your 2D assets.
  • Allows animation of 3D visuals: Tilting, rotation speed, etc.
  • Allows for preview of ready-made content before finalization.
  • Adds visual effects & backgrounds to enhance 3D animations.
  • Adds custom texts in any color & language.
  • Seamlessly integrated within the HYPERVSN platform: Easy uploads.

HYPERVSN warranty

  • Full 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Device lifetime up to 5 years

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