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HYPERVSN Worldwide – Q3 2023 Edition

06 November 2023 • 7 min read
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It’s that time of year again, time for the HYPERVSN team to take a step back from all the solution deployments, client messages and industry hustle and bustle, and appreciate all the work our collaborators across the world have been doing. 

As usual, it’s astounding, inspiring work that pushes the limits of digital visual innovation, so take a seat and explore some of the projects that have been shaking up the AV industry.

Events & Entertainment

HYPERVSN x The Sphere – USA

Trust us when we say you’ve never seen a digital experience like this before! HYPERVSN was singled out and chosen to deploy our largest ever HYPERVSN SmartV Wall at The Sphere Experience in Las Vegas. At The MSG Sphere, the biggest outdoor visual display in the world, with an interior delivering cutting-edge immersive experiences, not only is our permanent 9x15m Wall (that’s 420-units!) thrilling and mesmerising visitors with some insanely cool, futuristic visuals, we have several SmartV Solo expositions accompanying the humanoid robot, Aura, greeting people as they enter the experience. This is a huge milestone for HYPERVSN, bringing us to the forefront of the ever-evolving digital AV industry, and showcasing our unrelenting pursuit of creative innovation.

Together Plus – France

Do you like a good scare? Our French partner Together Plus sure does, which is why their 9-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall deployment in collaboration with EVENTOOLS for Disney’s new film ‘The Haunted Mansion’ was such a success! Taking their AV excellence underground to Metro Line 9 in Paris, they brought to life the spooktacular movie with a life-sized ghost woman waving eerily at passersby on their daily commute. In typical Disney fashion the setup looked totally amazing, delighting passengers and definitely ramping up excitement for the release of the movie!

Cosweal – South Korea

Our local partner in South Korea, Cosweal, deployed some incredible outdoor visuals for the Daejeon Festival, not simply with beautifully rendered visuals, but thanks to the sheer scale of it! Coming in at 10m tall, the HYPERVSN SmartV Wall used a total of 36 units, and was the perfect solution for the event thanks to the amazingly bright 3000 nits, which totally blew visitors minds at the festival, and made it ideal for outdoor use!


Morozzi Creative Lab – Cambodia

Our South-East Asian partner, Morozzi Creative Lab, has a long and successful partnership working alongside the popular and incredibly ambitious beer brand, Hanuman Beverages, where they have successfully brought visual innovation and excitement to a number of events across the country. This time it was retail activation the brand was after, and so Morozzi deployed 3 HYPERVSN SmartV Solo solutions, along with our SmartV Dome accessory to protect the devices and the customers, to three stores across the capital Phnom Penh where they displayed beautiful brand and product visuals that viewers loved.

SmartCorp Peru Group – Peru

Fashion mannequins, you better watch your back because our Peruvian partner, Smart House Peru, is innovating how retail engages with customers. Working alongside fashion retailer Falabella, they revolutionised how people engage with their clothing by incorporating several HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Humans around 2 (so far) of their stores. Jessica Caceres Taboada, Visual Retail Manager of Falabella, spoke to us about why the HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Human solution was the perfect choice for them;

“It is very important for us to also develop the technology [in]store, especially in Latin America, where sometimes we get the feeling that it does not feel very techy, right? But one thing we were clear about was that technology, too, after so much time using it, also removes a little bit of the human-touch and we didn’t want to lose that aspect. That’s why the hologram worked so well for us, because it brought technology, but gave it a little humanity too. As opposed to being just a screen”.

Corporate Spaces

Mastercard – Singapore

The commonalities of innovation, immersivity and inspiration is what makes HYPERVSN and Mastercard such a great pairing for their revitalisation project across their global Mastercard Experience Centers. The slick futuristic experience that our HYPERVSN SmartV Holographic Human solutions bring to these spaces is the perfect delivery format for the future of Finance that Mastercard is set on developing, with the creative minds that innovate in their MEC spaces around the world. Through the ‘next-generation technology propositions’ that’s offered, like HYPERVSN, they hope to bring ‘purposeful innovation’ to the Finance industry of tomorrow.

The Hologram of Ari Sarker, President of Mastercard’s Asia Pacific region. Screenshot of the Mastercard video / Vimeo / Mastercard APAC

Morozzi Creative Lab – Cambodia

Cambodian bank, Wing Bank, is turning boring customer banking experiences into innovative, 21st century ones thanks to Morozzi Creative Lab! Deploying an impressive 12-unit HYPERVSN SmartV Wall at one of their larger branches, this exciting new format thrilled customers new and old with their highly creative messaging. Digital signage really can be the game changer your brand needs, as Wing Bank found out!


Nightlight Screens Limited – Ireland

Dublin Airport has taken a giant leap into the 21st century, and deployed the country’s very first holographic installation in their very own Terminal 2. HYPERVSN is proud to be showcasing the future of technological AV innovation for the first time on Irish soil, and so are the Airport’s Media Sales team, who have opened this incredible new format up to Advertisers and Brands around the world. With the stunning 3D content they produce being displayed to the tens of thousands of people that use the terminal every single day, there are boundless, incredible opportunities to be had by those who are dedicated, and daring enough, to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Feeling inspired? Of course you are! If you want to learn more about developing your own HYPERVSN project, or simply get some more info on this incredible technology, get in touch with our team at [email protected], and get ready to unlock a whole world of digital 3D potential!


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