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  • Q: Ray diagnostics

    To perform ray diagnostics, please access the HYPERVSN Application. Go to Device  → Settings  → General and enable LED Diagnostics. The display/displays will start working in the diagnostic mode.

  • Q: When creating a layout, the device at the top left: Should it be in front or in back?

    There is no difference in SmartV displays sequences, the content adapts automatically.

  • Q: What can be streamed in Stream mode?

    In the Stream mode SmartV reproduces content from a URL selected by you.

    SmartV Box supports RTSP protocol with h264 codec, media files can also be transferred from an external link.

    To turn on this mode: run the HYPERVSN app → Device → Mode (Source) → Stream → in the open dialog window, enter the URL from which you want to receive media content.

  • Q: RAL color code of Glass box 3, Frame

    RAL 7016, grey more

  • Q: What is the total weight of a SmartV Wall on the SmartV frame?

    Main frame + 6 SmartV Displays L31.8 kg
    Main frame + extender’s frame + 9 SmartV Displays L49.8 kg
    Main frame + 2 extender’s frames + 12 SmartV Displays L69 kg
    Main frame + 6 SmartV Displays M23.5 kg
    Main frame + extender’s frame + 9 SmartV Display M35 kg
    Main frame + 2 extender’s frames + 12 SmartV Displays M43 kg
  • Q: Specifications of the optic fiber

    5M, 62.5/125 OM1 2 LC/UPC-2 LC/UPC PVC 3.0mm Cable Color:RAL 7016

  • Q: Does the SmartV work in a hidden Wi-Fi network?

    HYPERVSN SmartV can connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network, as long as it meets the general Wi-Fi requirements. In the Network settings, indicate the network’s SSID and Password, then disconnect the LAN cable (if any) from the SmartV Box so as to work via Wi-Fi.

  • Q: Wi-Fi Requirements

    Wi-Fi frequency: 2.4GHz.

    Router network mode: B/G/N

    Direct SSID/Password connection without any additional login screens

    For a connection of the SmartV Box to the router via Wi-Fi, choose a less congested Wi-Fi channel.

    Avoid physical barriers between the router and the SmartV Box.

  • Q: Update file size

    Update may include Android release and/or Firmware update for SmartV Box and Displays. Please check the relevant size information on the Updates page.

  • Q: SmartV hotspot mode

    To use SmartV in hotspot mode, press and hold the V button for 10 secs on your SmartV until the Wi-Fi indicator starts blinking. Find the Wi-Fi network Sx-xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is the serial number of your SmartV) in the list of the available networks, and connect to it using the password hypervsn. Open the HYPERVSN App, select the “HYPERVSN SmartV” option and on the Device tab select the SmartV Box to connect to it.

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