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HYPERVSN Solo Classic

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HYPERVSN Solo Classic is customized for users who require one or several single-unit HYPERVSN Devices, to captivate their audiences like never before with 3D holographic display technology. With Solo Classic you can connect to your HYPERVSN Device with the exclusive Solo Mobile App, ensuring effortless upload & management of content.

  • HYPERVSN Solo Device (56cm or 75cm)
  • Free options of HYPERVSN 3D Studio - an online tool for 3D visual creation
  • Solo Mobile App for smart Device & content management
  • Detailed user manuals on Device operation & management
  • 24/7 Technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team
  • 12-Month warranty for guaranteed digital excellence

Estimated delivery of Solo 56cm version within 1-2 weeks.

Estimated delivery of Solo 75cm version within 4 weeks.

New users: $10,000 worth of custom 3D content at the click of a button.

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HYPERVSN Solo Classic

In stock



    If you want to stop communicating with your brand and start connecting with it, then HYPERVSN Solo’s holographic projector - with its ultimate functionality in creating, displaying and managing your 3D holographic needs, is certainly for you.

    Is Solo Classic the ultimate 3D solution for you?

    The Solo Classic package was developed for companies that require one or several single-unit HYPERVSN devices for local breathtaking business or brand promotion.

    Solo Classic is for you if:

    • You only require a handful of HYPERVSN Devices to achieve your envisioned effect.
    • You would like to test trial HYPERVSN before running a full-scale brand campaign.
    • You host or participate in local events where you spotlight your brand/business.
    Best display quality
    Best display quality
    56cm and 75cm display size options
    Cost-effective solution
    Cost-effective solution
    No additional content costs & expenses
    Easy setup & management
    Easy setup & management
    Dedicated Solo Mobie App is provided
    Free 3D content creation
    Free 3D content creation
    An online for custom 3D visuals creation

    Cut content costs, not quality with Solo Classic

    New customers receive a content bonus of 100 different visuals of custom 3D content, all created with
    HYPERVSN 3D Studio in the following categories:

    3D logo
    Custom animated 3D logo
    Upload your logo & apply a 3D effect of your choice.
    Animated 3D Text
    Animated 3D text promotion
    Example: “Experience more for 20% less.”
    2D-3D Assets
    2D-3D Assets
    Upload 2D images / videos from your desktop & animate to 3D.

    Solo Classic package details

    After-sales services

    Detailed Guide
    Detailed guide
    After the purchase is completed we’ll send you an email with a step-by-step guide explaining how to activate your Device & start using it successfully.
    HYPERVSN Solo App
    HYPERVSN Solo App
    HYPERVSN Solo Application by Kino-mo Ltd. is already available & can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Market. You can also take advantage of our HYPERVSN Solo App user guide.

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