New Face of Offices and Buildings after the Pandemic

New Face of Offices and Buildings after the Pandemic

Now that the pandemic has receded we are all looking for the shortest and most effective ways for recovery and further progress. And the urgent tasks of health precautions, compliance with regulations, office rearrangements should not prevent us from looking ahead, beyond the current crisis.

The new circumstances require us to rethink our attitude and approach to many things. Creating an even more dynamic business atmosphere for your team or tenants is one of them.

Today building owners and managing companies need to be sure that they can effectively communicate with crowds of workers that come and leave their buildings every day. The safety of people becomes not only valuable in itself but also a significant competitive advantage.

On the other hand, they also need to support and motivate teams, draw them back to new normal, effectively present and sell products and take advantage of any benefits that can facilitate deals.

With HYPERVSN, you will get this advantage fast and effectively. The bright holographic images and high standards of technology make it starring among competitors and other digital displays*:

  • Higher view count;
  • Doubled dwell time;
  • Avalanch of positive emotions;
  • Emotional involvement;
  • Improved message perception.

*Compared to traditional digital mediums.

HYPERVSN can take care of ordinary tasks, including welcome messages, COVID precaution measures, any other informational objectives. Not limited to this, it is also great at promoting brands and products, motivating new deals and retaining visitors.

Business potential: attract, sell, retain

HYPERVSN is a great tool to showcase your products and services in a new fashion that makes people remember and recognize you. This new cognitive trigger makes your company stand first among multiple competitors.

Your brand’s vibrant image created by HYPERVSN also contributes to completing deals and signing contracts.

Finally, your brand and company are tightly associated with the latest innovations and make your customers feel involved and satisfied.

Informational potential: welcome, inform, remind

Immersive holographic images create a unique working atmosphere for your teams and visitors. As a result, people want to return to this creative environment and work there with great relish.

Using HYPERVSN to announce corporate news and achievements also strengthen your team’s loyalty. And, of course, we all need to remember about observing pandemic precautions at work and home.

Altogether, HYPERVSN helps you reshape your corporate space, transform your vision of business opportunities and make your brand even stronger than before.

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