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Stealing the show has never been so simple. With HYPERVSN’s radical 3D technology, you will leave audiences scratching their heads in amazement. But in today’s world, seeing really is believing, that’s why we have given you the opportunity to rent our technology before committing to a purchase. The HYPERVSN Solo Rent and HYPERVSN Solo Pro Rent packages have been put together specifically for this purpose.


  • Exclusive HYPERVSN technology, inspiring change in the Digital Generation.
  • Minimum of two HYPERVSN Solo devices for showstopping visual disruption.
  • Free options of HYPERVSN 3D Studio - an online tool for 3D visual creation.
  • Detailed user video tutorials on device operation & management.
  • Device placement consulting to achieve optimal results at any event.
  • 24/7 Online technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team.

Both our HYPERVSN Solo Rent package and HYPERVSN Solo Pro package include identical HYPERVSN-exclusive technology, bringing a “WOW” factor to every exhibition, tradeshow & corporate event hosting HYPERVSN. The difference between the two packages is the bespoke content provided by our Design Lab for users leasing HYPERVSN Solo Pro, - which not only outshines your competition, but the entire marketplace as a whole.

For each package we also offer certain additional services to make your HYPERVSN experience that little bit more extraordinary:

  • Onsite support from HYPERVSN’s experienced Technical Engineers.
  • Ad hoc accessories for events: protection domes, free-standing racks, etc.

HYPERVSN Solo Rent packages

Please contact our HYPERVSN team for product pricing & the perfect solution for you.



Primary Solo Pack

  • Authentic HYPERVSN technology: HD quality, 16M+ colors, low-noise level.
  • International safety requirements compliance.
  • Minimum of two HYPERVSN Solo Devices for showstopping visual disruption.
  • HYPERVSN 3D Studio – free 3D visual creation.
  • Solo Mobile App & Cloud content management platform for integration.
  • Detailed video tutorials on HYPERVSN assembling, setup & dismantling.
  • Reliable delivery terms: at least two days before your event.
  • Device placement consulting to achieve optimal results at any event.
  • Unlimited 24/7 online support.


Rent Pro*

At HYPERVSN we believe that content is the King of Technology. It’s how we transform true science into true sensations. Combining this mindset with the understanding that most Event Managers & Marketing Agencies require an all-inclusive fixed budget offer - covering customized content production & equipment rent, before a branded experience can be created, HYPERVSN has produced the Solo Rent Pro pack for your commercial needs.

Primary Pro pack:

  • HYPERVSN Solo Rent.
  • + Custom 3D content designed by HYPERVSN Design Lab (fixed-fee offer).

Purchasing Options

  • Two HYPERVSN units + custom 3D video (average graphics complexity)
  • Two HYPERVSN units + custom 3D video (high graphics complexity).

*This particular package is perfect for agencies that participate in tenders, identifying all costs up-front with no need to negotiate project details in great length for accurate estimations.

Bring the bright lights to your brand events

Whether you are invited for an innovation exhibition, displaying at a design show or speaking at a summit, HYPERVSN is the only answer for 3D event-dedicated content. Imagine leaving an entire room asking, how did they do that? You don’t have to be the ones to ask, we can show you – either by using HYPERVSN 3D Studio or by receiving holographic visuals from our 3D Design Lab. Whichever option best suits your brand’s particular needs, we guarantee will leave your audience wanting more.

Projecting the future comes at a price, but none as high as the return on investment for your brand communications in increased foot traffic & dwell time.

Reap the rewards of HYPERVSN’s Revolution

Our HYPERVSN Support Team is ready to provide you with around-the-clock support at your chosen event, if required. This support includes the mounting & installation of your HYPERVSN Device, calibration & configuration of its services, & on-going event assistance until your display is well on its way to a complete crowd take-over.

At HYPERVSN we stand by our belief that Content is King, & in order to continue ruling the market, it is essential that content expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Contact our in-house Design Lab or explore HYPERVSN’s worldwide certified content creation network to ensure that your content is nothing short of a digital masterpiece.

Attention to detail is the difference between a brand exhibit and a brand experience. In special cases, a particular event environment or specific communications goals may call for additional HYPERVSN accessories to bring your brand's story to life. In such cases, domes, custom mounting racks, brackets, etc. can be manufactured especially for event needs. Let's plan your next project together.

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