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Immortalize your brand in the hearts and minds of audiences forever with HYPERVSN Wall. This activation space solution gives you the opportunity to create Larger-than-life visuals of almost any dimension for an unprecedented 3D experience, they are seen equally well in the daylight and at night. We have made the HYPERVSN solution easily available for one-off events in Regular and Platinum rental packages. This rental offer also meets the interests of companies and event agencies who want to keep their CAPEX low.

Rent HYPERVSN Wall to transform any presentation area into an unforgettable immersive experience for all.


  • Exclusive HYPERVSN technology for 3D holographic images seen in the daylight and in the dark
  • Standard & Custom HYPERVSN Wall configuration options for displays of any size
  • Free shipping of hardware & equipment
  • Setup and dismantle by a certified HYPERVSN engineer
  • Onsite support by a certified HYPERVSN engineer
  • Device placement consulting to achieve optimal results

Experiencing the wonder of HYPERVSN Wall has never been easier, with the help of the HYPERVSN's in-house Events Team. Our experienced team members have run hundreds of events, including activations for brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, Jaguar, Jose Cuervo, Moet Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Unicef, and are now ready to guide you through your first one with HYPERVSN.

The HYPERVSN Wall rental package has two options: Regular and Platinum. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on the best option for you.

Each of our packages includes return shipping, installation and set-up, onsite support and de-rig. Additional services are available to facilitate your event-specific goals:

  • Branded installation design & engineering consulting for large-scale custom constructions & installations (World Championships, concerts & extensive marketing activations).
  • Accompanying accessory design & manufacturing for personalized brand elements.

HYPERVSN Wall rent packages


Regular Rental Package

  • Authentic HYPERVSN technology: HD quality, 16M+ colors, low-noise level.
  • International safety requirements compliance for audience wellbeing.
  • Standard & custom HYPERVSN Wall configuration options for display.
  • A total of 5 days of onsite support included (extra days available).
  • Free return shipping of HYPERVSN Wall hardware & equipment.
  • Reliable delivery terms: at least two days before your event.
  • Assembling, setup & dismantling by a certified HYPERVSN engineer.
  • Device placement consulting to achieve optimal results at any event.
  • Ready-to-use.


Platinum Rental Package

At HYPERVSN, we understand that content is everything. However, before truly stunning content can be created, we understand that most Event Managers and Marketing Agencies require a fixed-budget all-inclusive offering – covering both content production and equipment lease. If this is the case, we recommend HYPERVSN Wall Platinum Rental package. The package includes bespoke content production costs as well as equipment hire prices, and works perfectly for agencies participating in tenders, quoting all costs up-front and without adjustments.

Platinum Package includes:

  • HYPERVSN Wall Regular Rental package
  • Personalized premium content (Stunning graphics designed for a fixed fee by our in-house HYPERVSN Design Lab)
  • Public liability event insurance
  • Holographic equipment interior integration
  • Dry run (if required)
  • Back-up devices

Custom content creation, dry run, onsite support and event insurance are subject to T&Cs

Experience the Wall of “WOW”

What if you had the power to get audiences dreaming again? To not only inspire them across the world, but to welcome them into a new world of masterful 3D creation. HYPERVSN Wall presents an awe-inspiring projection of 3D visuals of virtually any size, transforming any exhibition stand or branded booth into a world of limitless potential. A picture says a thousand words and our holographic displays certainly speak for themselves.

  • 3D Holographic visuals of virtually any size.
  • HYPERVSN-exclusive “WOW” effect.
  • International safety requirements compliance.
  • Ready-to-use. Support frames are available.
  • Live-streaming (coming soon).
HYPERVSN Walls Make Your Stand a Sensation
HYPERVSN Walls Make Your Stand a Sensation
HYPERVSN Walls Make Your Stand a Sensation

HYPERVSN - At your service

At HYPERVSN, support does not end online. Our events support team is here to offer you whatever additional operational services you may require, including extra days of onsite assistance at your event.

Content is what builds relationships with audiences, it can make or break any piece of brand communication. At HYPERVSN we ensure that quality content always comes first. Your rental project manager will put you in touch with our in-house HYPERVSN Design Lab for your personal source of digital artistry and 3D content.

With HYPERVSN, no two events are treated in the same way. Every one of our clients receives a tailored approach to their specific event space and goals. With this in mind, additional HYPERVSN accessories such as domes, custom mounting racks, brackets, etc. can be manufactured especially for you. Let us discuss your 3D display needs.

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