HYPERVSN Dome Ultra is the sleekest solution to protect Solo devices in any fixed installation. This interior accessory welcomes new applications for indoor installations, allowing devices to be placed within reach of the audience and protected from additional internal elements.

  • All-round device protection.
  • Contemporary sleek design.
  • Intensifies the 3D holographic effect.
  • Visually enlarges images displayed.

What better way to offer smooth, transparent protection of Solo devices, while simultaneously enhancing the viewing experience, than with HYPERVSN Dome Ultra? Raised only 27cm off any installation wall, this optional Solo accessory provides a sleek mounting alternative with ample opportunities for branding. The solution consists of the spherical dome itself and the dome base (with ventilation holes). The stator of the device and the spherical dome are fastened to the dome base. The whole structure is then mounted to a vertical surface.

  • Device compatibility: Solo L & Solo M;
  • Weight w/o device: 5 kg - only dome; 8,4 kg - the base. Total 13,5 kg;
  • Diameter: 134,5 cm;
  • Accessory thickness; 27 cm;
  • Plastic thickness: 3 mm;
  • Material: Acrylic glass.
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