HYPERVSN Tripod is the ultimate universal solution for users seeking instant set up and display of a single HYPERVSN device. This classic floor stand installation provides a premium podium for displaying the full capabilities of the Solo device with stunning 3D visuals at eye-level.

  • Portable, pack-up-and-go display.
  • Quick installation and assembly.
  • Castors (wheels) can be easily attached.

Consider that the lead time of this product is going to take up to two weeks.

Vertically display Solo devices

When it comes to brand communication, eye level is buy level. Brands receive 35% more attention when they are placed at a height equal to the level of their audience’s eyes. HYPERVSN Tripod provides instant eye-catching attention as an all-in-one installation accessory. The quickest and easiest solution for vertically showcasing any HYPERVSN Solo device.

  • Device compatibility: Solo M and Solo L;
  • Accessory compatibility: HYPERVSN Dome (M and L);
  • Weight: 10 kg (w/o device);
  • Hight: 131 cm - 226 cm (w/o device);
  • Base diameter: 100 cm;
  • Material: Black steel.
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