Elegant yet firm, HYPERVSN Glass Box is tailored for retail shelves but is alternatively perfect for use in bars, restaurants, offices and reception areas.

Glass Box is a cube with transparent walls and dark top and bottom surfaces, which enhances the 3D effect. This accessory is ideal for shopfront tables, bar counters, reception desks and other flush horizontal surfaces. The protective box allows for sleek, elegant installations achieving minimal image distortion.

  • High-quality holograms due to the anti-glare glass (aka museum glass);
  • Increased brightness as a result of the original design;
  • Increased scratch resistance with high-quality tempered glass;
  • Portable and safeguards viewers.

Safe and bright box for Solo devices

HYPERVSN Glass Box is made to protect devices without losing any quality of your holographic images, animations and videos. You can use it for shopping malls, boutiques, luxury and authentic hotels, meeting rooms, exhibitions, museums, banks, and so on.

  • Device compatibility: Solo M;
  • Weight: 24kg (w/o a device);
  • Dimensions: 665x665x300 mm;
  • Materials (non-combustible): a) front glass - tempered anti-glare glass (aka museum glass), b) side & back glasses - tempered ClearVision, extra transparent glass, c) sheet steel.

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