Large 3D holograms with HYPERVSN Walls
from 54'' to 195'' and bigger

What can HYPERVSN do for you at your event or marketing campaign?

Increase footfall

In a window display campaign with HYPERVSN, Clark’s observed a 14% footfall increase compared to its other stores without the holographic display.

Increase dwell time

The viewers are mesmerized in our case study with coca cola, 90% of the 16k viewers stopped for at least 15 seconds.

Create emotional engagement

True ice-breaker at the event in the same case study carried out by independent third-party agency, 88% of the 16k viewers showed happiness

Increase footfall significantly
Create emotional engagement
Increase dwell time
All-in-one rented solution

HYPERVSN Wall Configuration

Application areas

HYPERVSN Wall event rental package

Our Projects team is dedicated at delivering turnkey solutions - from hardware delivery and onsite installation to custom 3D content creation services. Together with our R&D unit, we can meet your unique needs, such as including interactivity feature or syncing content between HYPERVSN and LED screens.

  • HYPERVSN hardware to display holographic 3D visuals of selected size
  • Consulting for optimal holograms placement to drive more leads
  • Reliable return shipping to/from event
  • Onsite installation and setup by a HYPERVSN engineer
  • Popular request: ability to buy out the hardware after the event
  • Custom content: depends on the selected package

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