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Realize the benefits of Phygital

Create unique and engaging experiences that keep customers coming back

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Phygital solutions

The future of retail is here

Create dynamic and engaging shopping experiences that leave a lasting impression

Boost Interactivity

Enhance physical through digital, creating a truly engaging and magical experience.

Win New customers

Provide a gamified 3D digital in-store experience to encourage healthy growing footfall.

Drive sales & conversions

Create a unique, lasting and engaging store journey to encourage repeat purchases and boost sales.


HYPERVSN’s Phygital solution

  • Product Configurator

    Use the touch-screen menu to configure & setup your customized vehicle: change the color, the interior, the wheels set-up ,etc.

  • Holomagic window

    Move your hand up and down to assemble/disperse the merchandise into the particles. Scroll with your hand left/right to switch to the next model.

  • Holographic Mascot

    Encourage your customers to interact with your brands’ mascot with the interactive virtual character set-up replicating your customers movements.

  • Customer Service

    Use Digital Avatar Solution to communicate with your customers through text or speech, to offer product recommendations and personalized experiences.

  • Non-interactive basic

    Draw attention to your offer and trigger optional sales of high-margin products and services.

Business Values

Increase Engagement and Interaction

Provide customers with a unique and memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Extends attention spans & attraction rates

Improves user engagement levels

Increases conversion & retention rates

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