Q: What are 3D Studio Templates and how to use them?

3D Studio Templates

3D Studio Templates


3D Templates are ready-made animated scenes that allow users to create mesmerizing 3D content in just a few clicks. They consist of pre-existing layouts, background effects and object animations formatted into one professional content placeholder – ready to be customized.

  • Each of our templates have been designed with specific business objectives in mind, giving users a base to create effective, targeted content from.
  • Perfect for event promotions, product launches, special offers and product demos.

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Why use Templates?

HYPERVSN Templates gives you the competitive edge in the marketplace. Attract new customers and improve sales for your current customers with professionally designed pre-existing 3D Templates.

  • Speed up content creation

With pre-existing 3D Templates, there’s no need to start your animations from scratch. End-users can create stunning 3D animations for various campaigns in minutes.

  • Customize your branding

Smart branding; hundreds of easily customized 3D models, backgrounds and layouts allow users to effortlessly create their own 3D project.

  • Make an instant impact

3D holographic technology has the power to stop everyone in their tracks. But if you want to make them connect with your brand, you need to make your communication memorable. Each of our templates leverages the best design and communication practices to make sure the right message is delivered in the right way.

  • Lower the cost of ownership

With a single purchase of the HYPERVSN solution, you can enjoy a lifetime of free content creation with 3D Templates.


Video guide: How to Use Templates

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