HYPERVSN Solo Classic

New users: $10,000 worth of custom 3D content at the click of a button.

HYPERVSN Solo Classic is customized for users who require one or several single-unit HYPERVSN devices, to stun their audiences like never before with holographic display technology. You can connect to your 3D holographic projector with our HYPERVSN-exclusive mobile app, ensuring effortless upload and management of content.

  • HYPERVSN Solo device
  • HYPERVSN 3D Studio – free 3D visual creation
  • Solo Mobile App for smart device & content management
  • Detailed user manuals on device operation & management
  • 24/7 Technical support from our highly trained HYPERVSN team
  • 12-Month warranty for guaranteed digital excellence

Stop communicating & start connecting with Solo Classic

If you want to stop communicating with your brand and start connecting with it, then HYPERVSN Solo’s holographic projector - with its ultimate functionality in creating, displaying and managing your 3D holographic needs, is certainly for you.

  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy 3D Creation

The perfect Solo Classic clients for any brand/business

The Solo Classic package was developed for companies that require one or several single-unit HYPERVSN devices for local breathtaking business or brand promotion. Solo Classic is for you if:

  • You only require a handful of HYPERVSN devices to achieve your envisioned effect;
  • You would like to test trial HYPERVSN before running a full-scale brand campaign;
  • You host or participate in local events where you spotlight your brand/business.

Cut content costs, not quality with Solo Classic

New customers receive a content bonus of 100 different visuals of custom 3D content, all created with the HYPERVSN 3D Studio in the following categories:

  • Custom animated 3D logo: upload your logo & apply a 3D effect of your choice.
  • Animated 3D text promotion: example; “Experience more for 20% less.”
  • 2D-3D Assets: Upload 2D images/videos from your desktop & animate to 3D.
HYPERVSN reduces costs without compromising quality

Experience first hand

HYPERVSN Solo Classic’s exclusive 3D content software allows you to create high-quality 3D holographic projector visuals whenever you require them. This form of content creation reduces on-going costs, providing you with an endless source of free 3D content.

Solo Classic package details


The HYPERVSN device is a ground-breaking 3D holographic display, famous for creating HD-quality digital visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air. Our unparalleled technology is generated by a four-ray LED-based rotor, projecting visuals at up to 30 frames per second, leaving audiences mesmerized long after your event.

  • Generates high-definition 3D visuals & videos.
  • Supports 16M+ colors for digital excellence.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable size (2.8kg).
  • Simple device installation & dismantling.
  • Safe & secure for audience members.
  • Below European standards for office noise.
  • Made in Ireland.

Solo mobile app

The Solo Mobile App, available on App Store and Google Play Market, is a reliable patented software designed to manage your HYPERVSN 3D holographic projector and the content displayed on it. The application communicates in two ways; with HYPERVSN’s Cloud platform to activate your software license and with your HYPERVSN devices to locally manage them individually.

  • Downloads content from Cloud platform & uploads it to your HYPERVSN device.
  • Allows you to create future playlists to be downloaded at a later stage on the device.
  • Provides broad playlist upload & management options.
  • Sets up, calibrates & configures your device.


A design solution tailored to HYPERVSN’s unique technological features, for the sophisticated creation of 3D content without specific design skills or knowledge. The 3D Studio not only guarantees high-quality holographic screen visuals, but also significantly reduces on-going costs of content production for brands using HYPERVSN devices.

  • Provides a range of free digital features & 3D content.
  • Allows you to upload a range of custom 2D & 3D models.
  • Converts 2D images into high-quality 3D visuals: logos, slogans, taglines.
  • Contains editable 3D template for your 2D assets.
  • Allows animation of 3D visuals: tilting, rotation speed, etc.
  • Allows for preview of ready-made content before finalization.
  • Adds visual effects & backgrounds to enhance 3D animations.
  • Adds custom texts in any color & language.
  • Seamlessly integrated within the HYPERVSN platform: easy uploads.

HYPERVSN warranty

  • Full 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Device lifetime up to 5 years

After-sales services

  • After the purchase is completed we’ll send you an email with the step-by-step guide explaining how to activate the device and start using it successfully.
  • HYPERVSN Solo Application by Kino-mo Ltd. is already available and can be downloaded from App Store or Play Market. You can also take advantage of the HYPERVSN Solo App user guide.

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