HYPERVSN 3D Catalogue: The next revolution in retail

The ultimate in-store experience with 3D holography

HYPERVSN 3D Catalogue creates a new kind of engagement between customers and brands, with a gesture controlled holographic product range, floating right before your very eyes. This all-in-one solution is perfect for product launches and brand promotions.

Boost sales with rich interactivity:

  • Recreate your product as an HD holographic visual (75cm)
  • Let your customers choose and control the holographic products on display
  • Enjoy increases in foot traffic from customers excited by interactive holography
  • Boost sales by creating a strong emotional connection between your brand and customers
Onsite Support
Set-up and seven days of on-site support
Positive Emotions
Creates a strong emotional connection
Next-level interactivity
All-in-one rental solution
All-in-one rented solution

HYPERVSN 3D Catalogue in action

Leap Motion

How does HYPERVSN work?

How does the HYPERVSN device work?
Every HYPERVSN device comprises of four spinning rays lined with high-power LEDs. When the rays spin, they create a full 3D holographic image at 30 frames per second.
3D Visuals
How is the holographic content created?
HYPERVSN Design Lab creates bespoke 3D content for your brand, which can be clearly seen in HD-quality in the daylight or in the dark, due to the unique design of HYPERVSN devices.

Rent HYPERVSN 3D Catalogue for your upcoming promotion

The only emotion that is stronger for customers than excitement is amazement, combine both of them with this all-inclusive solution of holographic brand communication and interactivity.

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