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Create custom 3D content in just a few clicks with HYPERVSN 3D Studio. This 3D content creation service allows you to take your HYPERVSN displays to new heights, with next-level content creation features & over 100,000 ready-made 3D models available.

Unlock the full potential of your videos

Click & create 3D content

When you used to dream about what the future of technology might hold, we bet you never thought you would be able to make holographic visuals come to life.

HYPERVSN 3D Studio: Effortless 3D content creation

  • No need for third-party applications.
  • Cost savings by avoiding expensive creative agencies.
  • No prior experience in 3D animation required.
  • Cloud-based service (simple browser launch).
  • Content creation designed specifically for HYPERVSN.

Unleash your creativity with these features

  • Instantly transform 2D images & logos into 3D content.
  • Create custom messages in a variety of languages, fonts, colors & materials.
  • Add unique animated price tags.
  • Add a range of editable background effects.
  • Use 3D templates to insert your 2D images or videos into a 3D space.

Take your videos to the next level with 3D models

  • Create content for Solo or Wall layouts (3×2, 3×3 or 4×3).
  • Use any of the 100,000 models in the integrated Sketchfab library.
  • Add your own custom 3D models.
  • Change the appearance of 3D models using the Material Editor.
Customize your videos
with a variety of animations
Combine animated assets
into a three-scene sequence
Video processing
created on HYPERVSN servers
Preview your content
on your HYPERVSN Solo

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