Design Lab HYPERVSN hologram-like visuals captivate audiences like conventional visual media never could!

Tips and tricks we use to make HYPERVSN visuals truly stunning.

  • HYPERVSN Agency – Grand expertise
    Grand expertise - we created the technology & have designed for it from the very beginning.
  • HYPERVSN Agency – Specific know-how
    Hands-on 3D design and holographic experience crafting content for top brands like Adidas, Coca Cola & Henkel.
  • HYPERVSN Agency – Experience with top brands
    Our specific technological and creative know-how allows us to create content of any complexity.
  • HYPERVSN Agency – Quality result
    We deliver high quality results in the fastest and most efficient workflows possible.

Custom content: types, options, prices

Video case: complex custom content
Video case


Complex 3D content implies a unique script elaborated specifically for the project, detailed product animation or sophisticated effects like simulation of fluid, fire, smoke or character animation.

Video case: medium custom content
Video case


Medium content would feature a product animation within a basic script or using visual effects like assembling or disassembling of product parts, appearance through mesh, glitch, colour and texture changes, etc.

Video case: complex custom content
Video case


Simple content would usually feature a logo or a rotating 3D product image with some effects like reflections or glow. Alternatively, you can easily create this content yourself with the HYPERVSN 3D Studio.

HYPERVSN custom content request

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