phygital solutions

Realize the benefits of Phygital

Create unique and engaging experiences that keep customers coming back

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Retail solutions

Transform Shopping into an Immersive Experience

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Event solutions

Amplify your Story with HYPERVSN holograms

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Innovative solutions

Future-focused, out-of-this world experiences for your customers

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3D holographic display

Join the 3D revolution

Become a HYPERVSN Partner and join our partner network.

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Business value

Deliver tangible ROI with HYPERVSN

*Stats are based on HYPERVSN case studies with 3rd party data providers. Want to see how HYPERVSN can impact your business objectives?


Drive Brand Awareness

40% longer viewing and engagement time compared with standard 2D digital signage.


Boost emotional response

88% percent of people showed signs of happiness interacting with HYPERVSN.


Generate Leads

2x higher chance of a holographic image being seen.


Increase Sales

HYPERVSN solutions generate up to 40% increase of promoted product.

How it works

Working with HYPERVSN

is simple

Holographic display

A four-ray rotor display that shows 3D content which appears to float in midair.

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HYPERVSN Software Suite

Securely control and manage 3D Content and devices with ease.

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3D Content

A variety of superior 3D content solutions to create, order and upload content.

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Create 3D content in a few clicks with 3D Studio

Try our web-based tool to transform 2D images & texts into 3D visuals with ease.

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Visualise a HYPERVSN application with the Mockup Creator Tool

Upload your location, choose the set up of HYPERVSN, add content and see how we can fit your business.

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hypervsn Use cases

View HYPERVSN in Action

See how HYPERVSN is changing digital signage worldwide. Any application. Any industry. Any business need.

Media about us

HYPERVSN solutions

in the Spotlight

“Images feel like they have dropped out of a Sсi-Fi movie.”

“Holography might now break through thanks to HYPERVSN.”

“Holographic technology is being brought to the masses.”

“The incredible HYPERVSN Solo presents a unique opportunity to captivate audiences.”

“HYPERVSN is the future of retail displays!”

“Looks like a higher-quality version of R2-D2’s hologram of princess Leia in Star Wars.”

“Holograms are here! And they are amazingly cool! Super bright, full hd resolution, portable, no glasses required!”

“The incredibly colourful and realistic looking HYPERVSN made us all believe that holograms are finally here.”

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