Interact with your 3D creations using SDK

Our Software Development Kit allows you to interact with hologram-like 3D visuals with no glasses or additional devices required.

The next shift in how human beings interact with technology

HYPERVSN’s new astonishing features provides customers with real HD fun. Our Software Development Kit, including APIs and corresponding development documentation, enables you to develop your own interactive applications integrated with HYPERVSN Devices. Now you will be able to experience facial recognition, receive interactive welcome messages and enjoy personalized images in 3D.

We offer
A Software Development Kit with APIs and development documentation
Think Big; See Extraordinary
Bring mind-blowing ideas to life with sensational results
Peaked curiosity & interest
Excitement, along with other strong emotions being triggered by your content directly connects people to it
Deeper user engagement
Interactivity engages multiple senses, allowing your audiences to enjoy real-life experiences with your brand
Word-of-mouth advertising
Anything that creates a spectacle or a sensational moment, forces people to share it with their friends/family
Higher conversion rates
The combination of HYPERVSN technology and 3D interactivity is guaranteed to convert viewers into customers.

Witness the wonder of SDK for yourself

Real-life examples with amazing results

HYPERVSN Wall with interactive content
Create maximum impact on VIP business attendees, allowing them to interact with the HYPERVSN Wall in real time.
Process and results
The idea was implemented on three large touchscreens, integrated with the developed interactive application and a HYPERVSN Wall. Guests who visited the booth could manage and control the content that they’d like to see on the HYPERVSN Wall, right before their very own eyes. As a result, this booth was by far the most popular display at the event.
Personal content displayed based on gender & mood
Determine the gender of every person that looks at a display camera and present the relevant content on a HYPERVSN Solo Device.
Process and results
The system had three parts connected to each other - the camera, the screen, and a HYPERVSN Solo Device. The camera captured attendees and broadcasted a video in real time on the screen. The algorithm identified humans, put a sticker with a smiling face on the visual, showed their current mood, tracked the gender and, based on that criteria, displayed appropriate content on the HYPERVSN Solo Device.
Small videos spotlighting show attendees
Connect HYPERVSN and selfie booth to create an unforgettable selfie display for all visitors of the show.
Process and results
26 Synchronized HYPERVSN units in a custom-made soccer-ball-shaped construction displayed bright and colorful video content. Small selfie-like videos sporadically appeared on the units of all the selfie booth participants, allowing audiences to feel connected to the state-of-the-art installation that became the centerpiece of the entire show.
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