HYPERVSN Partnership Opportunities

Be at the forefront of the next 3D holographic signage revolution

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HYPERVSN Partnership benefits business

Rapid growth

Growing Market

Digital signage market is estimated to reach $32.84 Billion by 2023, with the market for holographic displays to reach $3.57 Billion by 2020.

Easy monetization

Easy Monetization

The market longs for the next big thing in holographic 3D. HYPERVSN offers predictable return on investment, sales uplifts and high recall rates.

Lead generation

New Leads On Us

The product as revolutionary as HYPERVSN attracts thousands of new customers worldwide. We always aim to support our distributors and resellers by referring local leads to them.

Full support

Full Support

All HYPERVSN Partners receive detailed guidelines & recommendations on offline and online marketing along with full 24/7 tech support.

HYPERVSN Trial Partnership Program: first step to success

Special Terms

Special Terms

Exclusive discounts HYPERVSN products and services and favorable terms for selected Partners.

Marketing support

Marketing support

Regularly updated marketing materials, manuals and guidelines on online and offline marketing activities.

Tech support

Tech support

24/7 tech support by HYPERVSN experts. And a great feel of what it means to be a part of the HYPERVSN community.

Didn't quite get something? It's ok - here's FAQ

Who are my potential customers?

Any company that is interested in promoting their brand and products is your prospective client. Potential markets include but are not limited to Retail, HoReCa, Telecom, Banking, Gaming, Events and Entertainment industries.

Do you help with lead generation?

As a Partner, you will benefit from all our global marketing activities. We will also provide you with relevant digital tools and recommendations to achieve the best possible results introducing HYPERVSN in your region.

Can I white-label the product and technology?

As a Partner you must always refer to the product as HYPERVSN. It enables you to benefit from worldwide brand recognition and extensive marketing tools available for HYPERVSN Partners.

Can I sell HYPERVSN in other countries? Can I apply for Partnership in more than one country?

As a Partner, you can only operate in the territory specified by your Partnership Agreement. Any customers of yours that are in other countries should be put in touch with their local Distributors. If there are no Distributors in the country of your customer, please contact us and we will discuss this opportunity together. Each country you apply for will be viewed as a separate partnership opportunity.

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