The HYPERVSN Wall Frame is the ultimate blend of scalable design and rigid support. This modular wooden framework allows for up to 16 Solo M devices (per framework module) to be mounted directly onto it.

  • All-in-one mounting and display solution.
  • Easy transportation to and from installations.
  • Can be fitted with a protective shield.

Lead time: 7 weeks.

Install a HYPERVSN Wall of virtually any size with the HYPERVSN Wall Frame. This solid wooden framework allows for up to four vertical rows of Solo M devices to be directly attached to it – meaning, no need for existing walls or constructed surfaces.

  • Device compatibility: up to16 Solo M devices (per framework module).
  • Weight: 105 kg (w/o devices)
  • Dimensions: 122 cm x 100 cm x 243 cm
  • Material: Metal + Plywood
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