Q: Will the Wall stop if one of the device rays encounter people or objects during rotation?

Emergency Stop for HYPERVSN Wall


Emergency Stop feature is now available to instantly stop Wall devices rotating the moment any rays come into contact with people or objects during operation. It is intended to prevent or minimize any harm to viewers and physical damage to HYPERVSN Wall devices.


The moment there is any physical contact with one of the Wall devices, the Emergency Stop will be activated: the HYPERVSN device’s motors will be stopped and consequently their rotating rays will stop spinning.


If a device has been forced to stop because the Emergency Stop has been activated, the red indicators on all the HYPERVSN Wall devices will start blinking.

Resuming device operation

After the cause for the Emergency Stop has been removed, to resume operation, turn on the Wall again with the remote control.

Attention. Make sure that the initial cause for the Emergency Stop has been removed before turning devices back on.

Technical environment

This feature is only available for the wired HYPERVSN Walls with the HYPERVSN MasterBox connected.

The Emergency Stop feature has been supported since the following firmware versions:

  • Device rotor: hypervsn-meta_4.6.12_arm64.deb, hypervsn-firmware_10.2.19_all.deb
  • Device stator: pic ver 0.51
  • MasterBox: hypervsn-meta_0.0.21_armhf.deb

How to check your current firmware versions

  1. Connect to the device network (wall-xxxxxxx).
  2. Type into your browser address bar.
  3. Insert your pin code when prompted.
  4. On the Info page, expand the “Software information” list to check the Device rotor and MasterBox firmware versions. On the “Devices” → “Controls” page, check the Device stator version.

If your current firmware versions do not support the Emergency Stop feature (are less than 51.0), update your MasterBox and device.

To get the updates packages, please contact HYPERVSN tech support team directly at [email protected] .


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